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Environmental, Natural Resources & Related Insurance Coverage Dispute Resolution

Joan prefers to conduct her arbitrations through the American Arbitration Association, using their administrative services.  She follows the current American Arbitration Association Code of Ethics for Arbitrators in Commercial Disputes.  

Joan conducts her mediations through Snyder Dispute Resolution LLC.  She follows the current Oregon Mediation Association Core Standards of Practice.

She is available to do either arbitration hearings or mediation sessions virtually or in-person.

Rates and Fees

Arbitration Hearing or Mediation Session: $350/Hr, $1750/full day

Study: $350/Hr 

Travel: Reimburse costs of travel, meals and lodging.  No hourly charge for time of travel so long as total travel time does not exceed one day one-way.

Cancellation: No charge if canceled three days prior to hearing/session, but will charge for time already incurred and for committed, unrefundable expenses prior to cancellation.  If canceled less than three days prior to hearing/session, will also charge $500 for each scheduled day of hearing/session.

Initial Deposit:  $1000 to reserve half-day; $1750 to reserve a full day, to be split between parties unless otherwise advised.

Joan Snyder, Account Dispute Resolution
Joan P. Snyder


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