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Environmental, Natural Resources & Related Insurance Coverage Dispute Resolution

Joan P. Snyder

Mediator and Arbitrator of Environmental & Natural Resources Disputes



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Joan P. Snyder
Joan P. Snyder

Joan P. Snyder

Mediator and Arbitrator of Environmental & Natural Resources Disputes

What I do

Arbitrate and mediate environmental and natural resources disputes and insurance coverage issues related to those disputes.

What I bring to dispute resolution

I listen and am respectful.  I place a very high value on my honesty and integrity.  I am inherently a problem solver and am creative–I continue to look for new ways to solve problems.

I have a strong background in environmental and natural resources.  I started with an education in chemistry, biology and environmental engineering, followed by work experience as an industrial chemist, all before I became a lawyer focused on these areas. 

I am tenacious.  I will work really hard to get to a resolution of your dispute. I will also push you to work hard (but no one will ever associate “bully” with my name).

Why I do it

Because it helps resolve cases faster.  I spent over twenty-five years as a lawyer focused on environmental and natural resources matters and related insurance coverage disputes.  One of my biggest frustrations as an advocate was the time and resources a typical case devoured.  Working as an arbitrator and mediator allows me to help get disputes to resolution sooner, with fewer wasted resources, creating a “win-win” outcome.

Because I enjoy making dispute resolution work. As I transitioned from my legal practice, I enthusiastically completed more than 100 hours of training in both arbitration and mediation and switched solely to that work. I’ve learned that I love doing arbitrations and mediations. Both call for a very different state of mindfulness than does being a lawyer. A good arbitrator needs to be constantly focused on the goal of efficiency while ensuring fairness in the process. A good mediator foremost needs to listen, for what is said and what is not said. She needs to probe to understand the dispute from the widest perspective, dropping all preconceptions and exploring it from all angles that are important to the parties. Only then can she effectively begin to probe and use her tools to guide negotiations in a productive direction.

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