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Environmental, Natural Resources & Related Insurance Coverage Dispute Resolution

Arbitration or Mediation of Environmental Disputes

As a lawyer, I served clients in litigation, arbitration and mediation of many different types of environmental disputes. My success in that arena derived in large part from my very broad environmental skills and experience outside the sphere of litigation—negotiating purchase and sale agreements to address environmental issues in the course of development and redevelopment, working as a core part of multidisciplinary teams to move sites through regulatory processes to resolve historic environmental liabilities, helping move cleanup sites through permitting processes, addressing regulatory permitting and compliance issues of operating businesses, as well as simply understanding how environmental processes work from my education and my prior work as an environmental chemist. I bring these same skills and experience to my arbitration and mediation practices.

Arbitration, Mediation or Facilitation of Natural Resources Disputes

Through my education and experience, I gained an understanding of the ecological and biological systems that are at the core of what environmental laws are designed to protect. Experience in ecological restoration, ecological risk assessment, natural resource damage assessment and restoration, and NEPA environmental reviews and assessment of impacts are all part of the knowledge base I bring to my dispute resolution practice.

Arbitration or Mediation of Related Insurance Coverage Disputes

Many environmental disputes and some natural resources disputes involve legal issues of insurance coverage. Throughout my legal practice, I handled the insurance coverage issues that arose in that context, sometimes as defense counsel for insurance carriers, sometimes working in cooperation with insurers, and sometimes taking positions adverse to them. From this, I have an in-depth understanding, from both the policyholder and insurer perspective, of legal issues of insurance coverage and practical ways to resolve those disputes.

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